Friday, October 21, 2011

Estonia Lives the European Dream

"The Estonians, with little debt, an enthusiastic attitude toward Europe and a stoic approach to austerity measures, are a model EU nation in the midst of a crisis. They live in a digital republic defined by a business-friendly atmosphere and government transparency, an image that is attracting European expats.",1518,790293,00.html

"Europeans casting for a way out of their economic crisis have spent the past 18 months devising spendthrift schemes to bail out spendthrift governments (and their creditors), with results that have so far ranged from the meager to the counterproductive. But there's a spot of hope. It's called Estonia."

"PLUNGING unemployment, rocketing growth, soaring exports and a budget surplus: that is the story of Estonia as it bounces back from a precipitous economic collapse. This burst of good news shows not only the virtues of flexibility and austerity (a sensitive subject, as other euro countries taste the same medicine); it also gives heart to Latvia and Lithuania."

"In 20 Jahren Unabhängigkeit hat sich das kleine Estland zur nachhaltigsten Volkswirtschaft Europas gemausert – dank Hausverstand und einer opferbereiten Wählerschaft."

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